Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Craft-a-holic" Mode!

I don't know why, but a couple of days ago I decided to go get some polymer clay and make some ornaments.
I've always loved hand molding but had never played with polymer clay.

What is polymer clay anyway?

I don't know really.   All I know is that it's pliable, and you bake it at home.

I think it's clay made with plastic.

It's really fun and really easy.
And kids about age 4 and up can play with it!

So, here is what I'm doing with MY polymer clay!


Aren't these fun?

I would have loved to show how I am making these with a step by step tutorial, but unfortunately my beloved camera is on the blink.

I will, however, give you a few tips!

1) Poylmer clay can be purchased through any craft store.  However, be sure and purchase the soft kind.
2)  Advise getting the liquid softener to help with kneading.
3)  Purchase a cheap clay carving kit
4)  Stamps are great, but the best looking one (in my humble opinion) are the lower case typewriter kits.  I found mine at Hob Lob.
5)  Use a rolling pin to flatten out the clay
6) Poylmer clay can be painted!
7) You Tube is a great source of information on using polymer clay

Have fun y'all!


  1. Kendall,
    Question; typewrite kit/lower case - can you give brand and size to purchase. Also, favorite paints to create the look - type of paint and best brands along with colors to blend and use? Paint before or after baking? Paint once strung? Sealer? I am trying to think this through so I can make hopefully one trip to HL since it is so far away. What CM of twine works best/brand. I have a lot to accomplish here...Thank you and I can't wait to try this

  2. Hey A!!! Thinking I will do a tutorial tomorrow if I have time just using my phone since my camera is dead. Look for it in the morn. Thanks for posting!!! BEWARE, you WILL become addicted!!!

  3. Ready for the new project to begin. I have started my HL list on my phone! Kim Weathers

  4. Kendall, thank you for your reply. Have you created a tutorial yet? I know with all the social media avenues it might be posted elsewhere. Thanks!

  5. I am also looking for the tutorial...will it be on the blog?