Monday, October 20, 2014

The Cat's Outta the Bag!!!!

I received one of the greatest surprises of my life yesterday!!!

"W" and I are going to be grandparents again!!!
and truly, we could not be more thrilled.

I really, really thought it would be another year before any of our other children would even consider having babies, and really, I was needing another baby to love on.

My wish came true yesterday!!!

now, I've stolen a few pics from my sweet DIL but I'll direct you to her blog and you can see how she told Greg (my son) there.
So incredibly sweet!

So, what happens when a super creative, techie guy tells his mom he's going to be a dad?

He takes my instagram post (I'm not a fan of Expectant Moms parking)
and puts it on a cake....

and then he tells FB

equally clever Amy made handkerchiefs for their fur babies

hoping their children will be as behaved as their dogs!!!

and then they went and got their lil pumpkin!
read more here:

I would say after a wonderful Alabama WIN (Roll Tide y'all) our weekend could not have gone better!!!

photo credit:
Kim Schnell photography

And a special thanks to my friend Andrea for editing

have a wonderful day y'all!

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