Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"The Wind Beneath My Wings"

Yesterday was an extremely sad day for me.

This world lost one of the finest women I have ever had the honour of knowing.

Catherine Sollie

Mrs. Sollie was my very best, very, very special friend's mother from high school.
Becky left us about 7 years ago after battling cancer.

Now her sweet mom is celebrating with her in Heaven.

Let me tell you a little about "Cat" (that's what Bec would call her)

Cat was truly a saint.  And I don't say that lightly.
She was strong.  Not in a physical way (even though I think she was pretty physically strong as well)
She was uncharacteristically independent for a woman of that era.
(now that is my observation)
She never, ever needed for anything.
She was a giver, never a taker.
She lived her life doing for others.

I had a special bond with this woman.
You know how sometimes you know people and well, you know they love you and all, or maybe just like you, I don't know, that probably doesn't make much sense.
This woman LOVED me.
And I LOVED her.

She was a second mother to me.  When Bec wasn't around, she would just sit at their bar and talk to me.  She would listen (because I'm always the one talking).
But not just listen.  I mean really, really listen.

Now let me talk about the title of this blog.

I have had many, many people in my life who have inspired me.
None like Cat.
She was literally...

"The Wind Beneath My Wings"

Everything I did in my life she thought was wonderful.  She was a constant inspiration to me to follow my dream of creating.
She was good.  She was kind.  She was a beautiful soul.

She and "Sollie" (her husband) produced 5 of the finest people I've ever known.
Those 5 produced something like 15 grandchildren for them (give or take a few).
Those 15 grandchildren produced, goodness I don't even know how many great-grandchildren!

All are such fine people.  All are brilliant.  And I'm serious about that.  BRILLIANT.

I am grieving terribly at the loss of this fine woman.

When I visited her in the hospital about a month ago, I realized I had never had a picture with her.
So, I asked her son Don to take a photo.
She lit up and smiled so big for the photo!
I will always treasure this photo.

I love you Mrs. Sollie with every piece of my heart.
I know you are rejoicing with Bec up there in Heaven!

Have a wonderful day y'all!

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