Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Lovely Little Bridesmaid's Luncheon!

So yesterday I hopped in my vehicle and headed back to my hometown of Dothan, Alabama.

I love going home.

It makes me think and reminisce the entire trip.
Which brings me to my blog coming this Monday about growing up a white girl in the deep South in the 1970's.
It's going to be kind of a "no holds barred" tell all, kinda/sorta.  You won't want to miss it.

Back to this beautiful luncheon!

I had the honour of joining two friends in hosting a beautiful luncheon for my friend Mitzi's daughter Lyndsey who is getting married today!

Now.  You will probably find this funny.

Mitzi and I had never met face to face until yesterday.
Nor had I ever met her daughter.

When Mitzi told Lynsdey yesterday that we had never met, she was like "mom? really? and she is giving my bridesmaid's luncheon?
(my daughter said the same thing)!

So why?

Well, Mitz and I became friends on Facebook about four years ago and have since become "Penpals" of sorts.

I love her to pieces and will be friends forever.

She has been a loyal patron of my art and a wonderful friend.

Before you think I'm crazy (or she is) let me say that she went to high school with my brother, and I went to high school with her brother.

So we both knew this was not a "Catfishing" thing.

So, enjoy this beautiful luncheon!

Beautiful Lyndsey meeting friends!
a gorgeous venue!

Steph would not let me take her beautiful pic!

but finally got one of her and the other hostess Karen!

I learned a tip about posing....I learned that to strike a pose you must jut your chin out and lower it. That's the beauty pageant way.  I never knew that and honestly couldn't do it....
which is obvious....

we got a little silly stealing the hair off a mannequin....

I'm going red.

MOB in the middle, bride on the left, and friend on the right!

I had to snap this beauty!

she's precious.

And I got to give Lyndsey her very first piece of original art!

Happy wedding day beautiful Lyndsey!


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  1. What a lovely, heart warming story! The venue is beautiful, but made more so by the beautiful women who gathered there. I had a "sneak peak" before the luncheon while working next door, and it truly was magnificent. The Gulledge family is truly blessed by friends like you who can celebrate this milestone with them..