Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pallet Walls!

Who would have thought that something you could find in your local dumpster or dumped in back of a Home Depot would be so popular?
Not me.

Well, pallets are all the rage.

I honestly thought this would be a short lived craze, but people just keep coming up with new things to do with these things!!!

(including my talented nephew)

Scroll down to the bottom for his information.

Check out the ideas I found via Pinterest!

Pallet Walls

love this!

My only problem with a pallet wall is the fact that when you tire of it and want to remove it, what a mess you're left with....
and know this...what may look easy on a DIY page, is not always so easy.
DIY ers have a way of making things look a lot easier than they actually are.


If you live in the Auburn, Alabama, Birmingham, or Atlanta area, my talented nephew does these!

Here is his wall
pretty cool huh?

he also does these...(he's so stinkin talented) (almost to an annoying point)

contact my nephew Tyler Schnell at:

Have a terrific day y'all!!!

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