Sunday, January 4, 2015

Drug Store Makeup

After my makeup blog yesterday, a few of my friends asked me to do a blog on drug store makeup finds.
Is there a difference between drug store and department store makeup?

I honestly don't have a clue.

Anyway, I put an ISO out on a referral group that I'm a member of.

I got lots of great ideas, but one of the best comments told me to go to another blog.

This is a FB friend of mine Kiev Osborn.

Kiev owns a makeup bar here in Atlanta.
I simply cannot wait to go see her and get the royal treatment.

her shoppe here in Atlanta is 

The Makeup

She gives a little course on reviving your makeup skills

That is what I'm going to do.
I'm in a makeup rut, and since I went out and bought all new makeup, it's time for me to learn some new techniques.
Kiev is going to die when she finds out that I haven't changed my makeup technique since the first time I started wearing makeup at age 13.
I'm serious y'all.
That is just so bad.  That was 42, yes FOURTYTWO years ago.
The Scream

I was telling Kiev that since I'm a working artist, and one who gets up and goes to my studio, the only people I usually see are other artists.  None of us really fix up because we get all messed up painting!
So, really the only time I fix up is if I'm going to lunch or going to dinner that night.

Enter, the staple outfit, yoga pants and a pico top.....

(throw on the black jacket, some great jewelry and you've got a not so bad looking outfit) 
insert wink emoticon.

So, anyway, I couldn't possibly do a blog better than Kiev's so she sweetly told me I could direct you to her!!!

Thank you Kiev!
(and if you are going to visit Atlanta, or live here, be sure and let her do your make up!)

 And here is her drug store makeup blog!

Have a terrific beauty-filled day y'all!


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  1. My daughter, who is an esthetician, worked in the cosmetic department at Dillard's for several years. I remember her telling me that a lot of the high-end make up companies also own drug store brands, and manufacture some of their products in the same factory. I found a blog post on this: