Thursday, January 1, 2015

Black-eyed Pea Salsa!

Do you like em?
Me? welllllll.

You KNOW we have to eat them don't you?
I mean, what else will assure you of having a great New Year?

So, in the spirit of having to eat these things, I have come up with what I think is a pretty darn good recipe!

Black-eyed pea salsa.

Here ya go!
(I've also added a few must have kitchen tools for your New Year!)

Start with these ingredients:

chop a green onion or scallion

and a handful of cilantro

drain some black-eyed peas (leave a bit of the sauce)

Skin a cucumber

and chop

half an avocado

here's how you take the seed out.  Stab the seed with the edge of a knife

twist and pull out!
Then spoon out the avocado

and cut the avocado into cubes

Peel a red onion and cut into quarters.
Now. This chopper is a MUST have in your kitchen.  You get it at Bed, bath and beyond.

so easy.
(I only used half of the onion)

Take two cloves of garlic.

Use this MUST have garlic peeler
You put the clove in the peeler and just roll

It comes out like this

Take another MUST have tool, your garlic press and press the garlic

It now looks like this

This is a silicone flat spoon. Y'all, this thing is amazing for mixing anything.
mix it all up.

Now take your lemon or lime squeezer and squeeze two limes.

add sea salt flakes, pepper and some garlic powder

pour about 2 tbs. of good balsamic

and 3 tbs. of good EVOO.

Let it marinade for about 2 hours and enjoy with some homemade tortilla chips!!!

HNY y'all!


  1. This looks amazing, Kendall - thanks for all of your beautiful work this year and we look forward to an amazing 2015!! Happy New Year, pretty lady!!