Saturday, January 31, 2015

Trinity Spotlight on Art, Day 2, Four Artists, Four Paintings!

Here we are at day two of my Four Artist, Four Paintings series!

This will continue for the next seven days

For those of you interested in attending this fantastic art show, here is the link:

The opening is Monday NIGHT from 6 - 9
It is a wonderful cocktail party.  You will meet many, many artists (as well as anyone else you may want to see)
Everyone in Atlanta goes!

So, here we go

First up.....

This year I have provided different styles of my art as they have evolved lately.  I've been painting wild and contemporary!  I will also have many selections of my Grace 11:11 bottles.


My sweet friend and immensely talented...

Kathyrn Trotter

Kathryn is one of my husband's favorite artists.  She paints oils with a really heavy palette knife.  Watching her maneuver a knife is a thing of beauty.

And now?
The famous Georgia artist (and man fave) Steve Penley

I am honored to have a few of his pieces and I love to look at them every day!

And last but not least,
Charleston artist Laura Lloyd Fontaine

Peaceful and beautiful marsh paintings.

Have a wonderful day y'all!

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