Friday, January 30, 2015

Trinity Spotlight on Art! 4 Artists, 4 Paintings!

It's that time again!

Trinity Spotlight on Art!

This is by far one of the largest art shows in the city of Atlanta.
And I am so excited to be a part!

Over 350 artist, both established and new to the art world will be showing their art.
Artists come from all over the US.
Highly acclaimed, it is a "must go to" event!

I will be showcasing 4 Trinity artists every day for the next week!

4 artists, 4 paintings!

Please join me for this exciting event!

First up, my friend and studio partner Lisa Upchurch Moore

Lisa does some of the best figurative painting I've ever seen.
I am honored to have one of her beautiful paintings!
She is definitely a "must see" artist!


Next up, Carylon Killebrew

I LOVE this artist.
If there is one artist  I wish I could paint like, it would be Carylon.

Her work speaks volumes to me.


Next up,
The beautiful and talented Melissa Payne Baker.
My friend Melissa is the Atlanta "queen of abstracts!"

I think Melissa's beauty shines through her work.


and then....

new to Trinity Spotlight on Art the amazing...

Alexi Torres

Alexi's studio is right next to mine.
Every now and then, when I need a good ole taste of "humble pie" I go watch Alexi paint....

(he's not too hard to watch)

(sorry, Alexi gets an extra picture)...wink.

Alexi sells his work all over the country.

Amazing is all that comes to mind!

Keep checking back all week to see 4 artists, 4 paintings!

Have a terrific day y'all!

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