Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Marsala! Pantone's Color of the Year!

Well, boy was I wrong!
I predicted this...

and I was really hoping for this because I think it looks really great with gold and ivory.

but, this year Pantone picked Marsala!
And as surprised as I am, I am just SO in love.
An artist's dream color!
(and Veal Marsala is one of my favorite dishes)
(don't go hatin you animal rights people)
and I REALLY love to cook with Marsala
I can just taste the color as I'm typing.
(plus I'm hungry)....

First of all, anything in the red color family quickly gets snatched up by men if it's in artwork.
A passion color, this fabulous hue is a twist on the 90's flat burgundy red. ewe, just ewe, remember that?

But, this is rich.  It's not brown, not red, not pink, it's kind of creamy, yummy and it reminds me a little of my favorite football team. wink.
The Crimson Tide

So, here are some ideas that you can use with this winner of a color happy that the last year Pantone colorbomb is outta here.
Radient orchid? what a disaster!


(I really want this car)

Lisa Moore Fine Art

Kendall Boggs Fine Art

Kendall Boggs Fine Art

Lisa Moore Fine Art

I'm in....

Have a great, wonderful, successful day y'all!!!


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