Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fun with the Fam (and friends)

Oh the fun of Memorial Day weekend
We are here at the lake having a blast!
Jordan has 2 couples and their adorable little ones, Gregory and Amy came for a night and baby Cal arrived last night! yeahhhhh. That, along with some doggies makes for a pretty full house. And let me just tell you how much food we are consuming. I was supposed to be on a diet..... hum.
Yesterday we did a Low Country Boil....yummers
Eric is the MASTER of the Low Country Boil as shown in this pic....sorry, didn't get an actual shot of him preparing his masterpiece!
He threw in a few extras this time like elephant garlic....oh yummy
not sure why Gregory was showing off the chili sauce but aren't they a cute couple????
We went to the Silver Moon aka "The Moon" one night for dinner
here's one Jessica and precious blue eyed Gray
And the other Jessica and precious blue eyed Evelyn
okay, let me clarify. We have 2 Jordan's here, 2 Jessica's here, and 2 Evelyn's. Crazy when your talking to them.
Then there's the other Evelyn's newest obsession. Not sure where she gets that from.....hum
Notice her cheerleader move on the i phone!!!
Lovin the pigtails.
The girls had some down time. And Jordan showed off her baby bump. Idn't that just the cutest thing ever???
and Gregory got some tickle me time with Evers
then they had a serious conversation
oh, my sweet little love.
Today? We are grilling a butt and making THE BEST potato salad
EVER. I'll be posting that recipe.
Have a fun day chickies!!!


  1. Looks like fun!!! Erik's shrimp looks scrumptious!!! Happy Memorial day!!

  2. love the pigtails, the baby bump, and gregory showing off the sauce! food looks good too!

  3. i love these hanging beds- is this something you built or purchased?
    i need a design makeover would love for you to hop over to SC to help- :) you can break from art and come be inspired by our trees-

  4. Thanks!!! I had them made by a local guy. Would love to go to SC anytime! (but only do design work for fam)!! Thank you again you sweet thing!

  5. I love the bits and pieces of the lake house that I see!! COULD YOU PLEASE post more pictures of the lake house?! I LOVE THE STYLE!!! Ashley