Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Trip Through the Delta - Part II

A Trip Through the Delta - Part II

So, we started the day off like this. Cindy takes me on a trip on the Polaris. Now the only "Polaris" I know is the pool cleaner that we have in our pool. You know, those really irritating things that everyone has a name for....ours is Jack. She wanted to show me her sunflower field....unfortunately they weren't quite growed up yet.

But first...Cindy had to greet her pack of dogs
I mean, they had to greet her. (that little yellow thang right there gave me a head butt to the gut)

I got to drive!!! POWER

oh, the serenity and peacefulness of a growing crop

this here corn had growd a foot since I got here.
(but I couldn't find the foot)

we had to take the doggies for a swim in the waterin hole
then off to the State Penitentiary
not sure why we wanted to see (or take a pic) of this...
It sort of gave me the creeps. can't go to the "Delta" without going here

oh be still my pottery lovin heart

I'm lusting over this set of cannisters.....

had lunch at McCarty's little bistro....oh, yummers
I mean seriously folks how much food CAN I eat. This was dessert....
for lunch...
1/2 chocolate cobbler and 1/2 caramel cobbler (sorry, don't have the recipe)

then we had to go on over to McCartys' competitor Peters
(where the prices are much better)
and I had to make a few purchases

this is the Captain Rodney's dish (made especially for the recipe down below)

and Cindy bought this (to hold Sykes' Citrucel) (sorry Sykes!)

Then off to Greenwood. But first, we went down Money Road.
A little history lesson here. This is the grocery store where young Emmet Till was murdered by a pack of Caucasian men and thrown in the Tallahatchie river with a 70 lb. gin fan tied to his body. It was noted as the start of the American Civil Rights movement.

then off to the Alluvian for coctails...where we ran into Cindy's mom, her investment club and
everyone else that lives in Greenwood

Including....the ONE AND ONLY...Martha Hall Foose...aka. "Fooseball"
who had just finished her photo shoot for her new cookbook coming out soon.
oh happy days!!!

and then on to here...You can't go to Greenwood without eating here,,,,,yummers....
and....the menu

and meeting more friends!
like Stace!!

and the others

WAIT!!! hold it! one more stop!
How could I go to the Delta and not see this????
and meet Mawtha's hubby Donald
"The" Baker for Viking

we lusted over some bread..

and I lusted over this....

I'm sorry to say, gotta leave the Delta and go hit some golf balls
Thank you Cindoo for a wonderful trip!


  1. Kendall! I have some of that pottery I got for a wedding gift and never knew what it was! I feel slightly out of the loop- must be popular in mississippi!!! What is it called? Mine is turquoise- i'm slightly embarassed if anyone found out!
    PS- I LOVED seeing you this past weekend. I really wish we had more run ins. You're so fun!

  2. OMG! I am lusting over that gorgeous Viking range right along with you!
    Thanks for the fun trip to The Delta!