Sunday, May 30, 2010

That Potato Salad Recipe

Two blogs in one day???? Seriously folks? I'm totally obsessed.
Oh, how much fun I've had this weekend.
I have to give you this Potato Salad recipe that is actually a creation that Cindy S. and I came up with last year. We call it....Baked Potato with rosemary salad.
Head to the grocery TODAY cause it's perfect for your Memorial Day celebration!

Here's what ya need (besides a bag of red potatoes)
boil a large bag of red potatoes. But don't let em get too soft.
I have to show you this nifty little chopper contraption that I got from Williams-Sonoma
that does this!
quarter the cooled off potatoes
while cooking, we let the kids and their kids have a little pool time
and let Callen have a little down time with a Mojito (yummers)
Mr. W. cooked his famous butt (just realized how that sounds!) on the grill with his own secret sauce recipe
he chopped and chopped
oh, it was so good, and some of the bak (bark) made it in the meat.
Now, I found out that the bak (bark) is the Georgian way of saying that the burned part (my favorite) of bbq is called the "bark" of the tree
add all the ingredients to the potato salad (recipe below) and add some chopped fresh rosemary with a little spring on top for a little added touch
then go play some, they had to splain that one to me....
and catch some, well a baby one
and almost kiss that fish (notice how Eric and the fish have the same expression!)
and then just lay back and enjoy watching 3 1 1/2 yr. olds act silly
oh the joy of it all!

Baked Potato/Rosemary Salad

1 bag of red potatoes cooked
1/2 jar of Dukes mayonnaise (Dukes only)
1/2 chopped red onion
1 tablespoon horseradish sauce
1/2 container sour cream
2 bags of real bacon pieces
3 cloves of garlic smashed
Sprigs of fresh rosemary taken off the stem and chopped (lots of it!)
Quarter the potatoes. Add the other ingredients mixing well. Salt and pepper to taste. oh, add more mayo if you need or like it more mayonnaisey. Add a sprig of fresh rosemary to garnish

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