Saturday, May 1, 2010


I'm honored.
That's just all I can say!
Yesterday I sold 11 paintings at the Wesleyan Artist Market!
One of the paintings, this one, was purchased by the headmaster to hang in the school. What an honor.

I also have to tell you about this absolutely wonderful young lady who purchased "Five Angels". It evoked an emotion in her and when she saw it she sobbed. I just can't even describe how that made me feel. As an artist, to be able to evoke an emotion in someone and remind them of someone special is truly beyond words. Even though it made me sad for her and her loss, I was so happy that I could provide her with something that reminded her of a loss in her family. My hope is that she will constantly look at it and it will bring her happy memories of her sister.
I hope she and all you other chickies have a wonderful day!
Come by and see me today at the WAM from 9 - 3!!
hope to see you!

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  1. what an honor!! I bet that was an incredible feeling to be able to share that with her!! your work is wonderful!