Saturday, May 22, 2010

just wonderin?

We are moving our last child into her house today.
Ya know.... when they are young they need you,
you get your children all grown up - and up comes the moving part.
You realize, that even though they're grown, they still need you.
A wonderful feeling, to still be needed.
but moving....well that's another thing,,,
and not to mention all the "stuff" that they don't want.
I'm having a huge "JUNQUE sale" starting in two weeks.
I actually think I'm just gonna give it away. just stuff.
My advice to you younguns.....don't save will regret it when you're my age...Two storage units later....and trust me, you always loose the keys.
That's another blog.....Mr. W will have to post that one after having to call a locksmith yesterday....I'll spare you the irritating (his) details, with a few choice words.....
you know, you have this "stuff" that is 'sorta' nice - too nice to give away, not nice enough to sell, and then comes the family heirlooms. Does anyone else have this problem? I say, just get rid of it. It's costing more to store than the darn stuff is worth. ugh!
on another note,,,,I'm on my daughter Jordan's computer, so I'm gonna steal a few beach pics of Evers. They're darlin.

...a girl after my own heart, engulfing a tomato

Next week?
3 couples and their 3 children to the lake
1 son and his girlfriend
and my sweet Callen (Andy's out of town :(!
SO excited....
we are gonna boat, fish, shoot snakes, and EAT EAT EAT..(we're doin a crawfish boil)....Oh, by the way, I'm FiNALLY starting my diet after my trip to the DElta, Seriously folks put on 10 extra pounds (and already needed to loose 15). errrrg.

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  1. Try the "French Women Don't Get Fat" diet ~ great for a life time!
    Any diet that promotes wine and chocolate has to be good!
    Love keeping up with the Deep South through your blogging!
    Life in Panama (as in the country not the city) is not as exciting, but absolutely love being just down the street from our 10 mt old granddaughter :)