Friday, May 14, 2010

"What to blog about when there's nothing to blog about"

Do you ever have this problem????
I'm sitting here, it's 5:00 a.m. because I have terrible sleep issues (I've been up since 4) and I'm surfing my favorite blogs. The ones I stalk......the ones I comb through day in and and day out, lusting over their photography, food and comments.....and there's nothing new! and you know,,,,I'm having the same problem. I don't have anything new to blog,
"What to blog about when there's nothing to blog about"
just simply
things I love....

I love sleepy mornings with my dog in the bed....
and coffee on the dock...a blog just waiting to be read
I love children (even grown) in their PJs,
and men who act really silly that go on for days (hey I'm struggling here)
and again....excuse me, grown men who act silly singing Y M C A (check out Elvis on the far left)
I love juicy fine wine directly from Napa
and fat tummies (not a six-packa)
I love pretty hats from a favorite place....
and peach colored roses in a beautiful vase
Happy Friday Chickies!
What do you love?????


  1. I love having one of your masterpieces hanging in my home...and my Shorkie(Foxie)!! Have a great weekend!

  2. You! No words to describe the joy having you and Lynn by our side this weekend. You are precious and I truly thank God for you. I felt Becky with us this weekend as we celebrated-didn't you? Love you my sweet friend


  3. I Love Life, Kendall...just like YOU! I've been reading your blog backwards! Just read about your Delta trip. : ) I'm a Southern Gal myself, a Louisiana gal..livin' in Minnesota. Those pictures really touched me and made me miss all those folks that just aren't "right"! There something there that doesn't exist anywhere else. Oh, and I love your BLOG! Great photos, Precious babies, good food and the LOVE is palpable! Blessings to You! JO