Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Going Home

I went home this week to see my mom. and...left my camera! So, I'm using my iPhone (which actually doesn't take bad pics!) We are about to move my mom to Birmingham to move in with my sweet sister Kim who will help her out. This is my mom...(oh BTY that's a magnifying lamp in back of her, not what it looks like....)
There's something surreal, or maybe the word is [slightly] overwhelming about being at that age where your parents need you, your kids need you, and your grandchildren need you. Luckily I have 3 wonderful siblings who all pitch in, not to mention my kids, my hubby, and my nieces and nephews who are all willing to lend a hand. My mom (who is so wonderful and never complains about ANYTHING) is a collector of this:

......lace....and LOTS of it....this is one box of probably 10....
it helps her make these:

and all of these....(I know, I know, I need to straighten this closet up!)
You are looking at probably 50 dresses and little boy outfits for impending great grandchildren that she has sewn.
I particularly like this one...

and this one....

Her sewing room is like a fabric shop and I'm serious! And all the patterns. I mean boxes and boxes of them...this is just a smidgen... can't even believe how much fabric she has. I'm overwhelmed at the thought of moving it.....

She has sewn for years and has made so many beautiful hand made dresses and outfits for her grandchildren and now great grandchildren. and, when I say many, I mean, probably 200 + over the years. For Evey's baby shower she gave her 12 handmade outfits. She has rheumatoid arthritis and has had it for 20 years. To watch her crumpled hands work magic knowing she is in pain is just an emotion I can't explain. It's a horrible disease, and I hate that she has to deal with it.

Dothan is a special place. I love coming home. There's just something about the smell of this little city that I love. Isn't that weird? I don't know what it is, just sort of a fresh smell. Maybe it's like a memory smell or something.

This little Southern city has also produced many, many amazingly talented people. These are just a few....

My idol....Jeannie Maddox
(that's a painting by the way not a photograph)

and...I can't wait to read this book by Mike Coe

and Bobby Goldsboro is from here, remember him????? (sorry I cut him off!)
and Honey, I miss you....

Dothan is a wonderful little city and I miss it too!

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  1. Thank you Kendall. I hope you enjoyed FTP. I lost you for a while as my facebook account was deactivated... I'm back. I love your work. You inspire me.