Friday, November 25, 2011

Best Thanksgiving EVER!!!

Okay, this had to be the most fun Thanksgiving EVER.  I'm serious y'all!  First, everyone got here in a  timely fashion and we all got to socialize (in the kitchen of course) while I cooked.  Then after we all stuffed our bellies with yummy food we went ice skating at the Ritz. It was bittersweet as we were all missing Mom and she would have just loved Thanksgiving this year.  No tears were shed though as we know she was watching from Heaven at the fun we had.
Now, the Ritz Carlton here at Reynold's Plantation has an ice skating rink put up until February.  You need to come visit and bring your kids!  We had a BAlast!
Warning: photo overload
Here we all are!
Is that the largest bird you've ever seen or what????

be still my pecan pie lovin heart

enjoying the dock on a chilly morn

just a few random shots

just one of my gorgeous nieces Claire

my sweet Daddy and us

the Newlyweds!

Sorry to disappoint, but no one would let me spray the turkey gold

one of the Thanksgiving tables! and yes, we used all disposables to everyone's delight!!!

I did spray paint the drumsticks!

Turkey after

brother sportin some Elvis sunglasses!

two more gorgeous nieces!

and then my gorgeous nephews!

why is it I always have to act silly and sister never does???

there we go

on our way to the ice skating rink at the Ritz

check out the beautiful view of the lake from the Ritz

IIIIIIIIIII yikes!!! I haven't skated in at least 15 years!!!

there's Elaine ( Amy's mom!)

Callen was a natural, picked it right back up from when she was 8

Harper had to use a little helper since she has a sprained ankle

love this pic!!!

we all acted silly.  I know everyone there was really sick of the Boggs clan

"W" was gettin down!

Harper tried a few little ballet moves


help again!!!

best cousin buds

best cousin buds again!

I was finally gettin the hang of it!

so was Claire!

Goofy had to wear the Elvis sunglasses

W and I had so much fun!!!

again, Callen the natural skater

Ally and her friend Sam

Sister was appropriately dressed for skating

again....sister was appropriately dress for skating


and the Schnell family

and the girls!
hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful as ours.
We missed you mom.
Have a great day y'all



  1. That close up of you skating is beautiful!
    Love the sweet one of you and W skating!!
    What a great day

  2. You guys have the best genes - gorgeous family! P.S. Love all those Alpha Chi Omegas!

  3. Just plenty of gorgeousness all round Kendall! Your Thanksgiving spread looked unbelievable!
    We go skating sometimes in Sun Valley, they have the outdoor rink going summer and winter- so much fun!