Monday, November 21, 2011

The Pink Pig

Guess who is visiting????  We are at our condo in Atlanta and J, E, Lil E and Lil B are here visiting.
So, what is the FIRST thing you do when you come to Atlanta with the gbabies?
You ride The Pink Pig.
yep, and that's what we did!
there she is!  all pretty in pink

G-man tried to coax Evey to sit in the nice little piggies lap.  NOPE

but he did get lots of lovin from her!

Lil B was not sure about this at all

It's a little short 5 minute train ride, but you must do it, all the little ones in Atlanta do.  It's a Macy's tradition

He's thinking harder about this

Don't think Bennet liked this thing at all!

Bennett, how old are you???

Bennett, do you want your paci???

After the Pink Pig, we went and [looked] at Santa.  that's about as far as we got.
Oh, and then G-man and I had to take Lil E to Toys R Us for an early Christmas present.
She was running wild (and so was I) we had a blast picking stuff out!!!
I am a big Barbie lover and it seems Lil E has taking after me in that respect.
She got this Barbie that you wind up and her dress gets shorter and shorter.
She goes from party girl to school girl.  hummmmm.

Have a wonderful Monday y'all!

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