Sunday, November 20, 2011

Samford Vs. Auburn

What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!  At Tiger Stadium in Auburn with good friends.
Samford (W's alma mater) a AA1 football team had the honor of playing last years national champions.
And we were treated so well for their homecoming game.
So well that we got to sit in a suite!
Now THAT is my idea of watching a football game. Very, very sweet.  I would go to all of them if I got to do that!
Plus, we were so lucky to connect with some friends we haven't seen in a while!
Here we go.
First we went to Samford's tailgate
don't have a clue who this guy's head is!

Park donned both Samford and Auburn apparel

one of the sweetest women I know (and am proud to know)

There's Park, Larry, and W

I think you know who this is


a view from the suite

there's W down on the sideline

and they were honoring Samford's coach, ex Auburn player Pat Sullivan

um.....he was more than just a player....he won the Heisman trophy in 1971.  I remember it oh so well.
I got to meet him that year.
Embarrassed myself once by telling him that we met, totally expecting him to remember.
He didn't
I was 12.

Come on guys, texting at a football game is for girls!

Good friends

me trying to get good friends to act silly.  Only Tim co-operated!

a reunion of New York friends trip. OHHOWIWISHIWASGOINGTHISYEAR. hint,hint.

Rex Jordan on the left.  Used to fly Air Force One.  How cool is that?
Samford puts out some impressive folks y'all!

Kim and Sissy

and the girls.

Have a wonderful day y'all!
I get to see my precious g-babies today and I am about to bust with excitement!!!
p.s. be looking for a Thanksgiving "giveaway" this week :0))))))


  1. Loved the pic of you & Lynn!!! Great looking couple!!! You can tell we are kin,RIGHT??? HAHA