Friday, November 18, 2011

Look What I Finished!!!

First of all, thank you my sweet, sweet friends for coming to my defense about yesterday's blog.
I have no idea who wrote that, and I don't really care but thank you anyway! The comments made for a great read and I was beaming with pride at such loyal friends (and family)
and by the way, I finished driving school and now I get to go pay my 300.00 (ouch) waste of money fine.
So....let's move on.  I finally finished the stockings!!!
Just in time for Thanksgiving, as I think I will hang them for our Thanksgiving celebration done every year at our home.
scroll down a couple of pages for instructions.  The first one was a bit testy, but the following ones were easy once I figured out exactly how to do them.
I love the different variations of fabrics!
Back to Thanksgiving!

I am SOOOOOo excited!
We are having about 20 for our Thanksgiving Feast!
Tuesday,,,,I start cooking.  Any recipe ideas?  as I would love to stray some from the norm this year.
Every year we do the same ole thing.  I did find some gold eatable spray that I may spray the turkey.
Cool huh?  A gold turkey!

Hope your Thanksgiving planning is going well!
Have a wonderful day "A"
I mean y'all!


  1. Love the stockings and your blog. I was looking for some new recipes and am going to try this one from one of my favorite food bloggers:

  2. Your talents go on and on! Happy Thanksgiving!