Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to make a cute gift tag

I saw these gift tags at Athropologie the other day and wanted them SOOOOOO bad.
The problem was?  they were 16.00 for 6 of them.  A little outta my price range.
So,,,,,I got my trusty sewing machine out and decided I could make them myself.
Although they don't look as good, they cost maybe 50 cents for 12 of them.
Did you know that you can sew on paper?
you will have to forgive my photography.  I left my camera in Atlanta:(, so I'm using my iphone
Anyway, here is what I did.
using red thread, I stitched horizontally lines 3/4 apart with the stitch length on a regular setting

then I stitched down both sides with blue thread
I cut them about 3 1/2" long and about 4" wide and then wrote to and from on them.
then, I punched a hole and added twine.
perty cute huh?
Here are the Anthropologie ones if you don't want to make these yourself.
guess I screwed up a little on the color huh?  oh well

have a wonderful day y'all!

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