Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Create Your Dreams

or CYD.
Is a wonderful organization in Atlanta that I am starting to get involved with, this Monday.
It is an organization consisting of at risk students in North West Atlanta.  These kids are handpicked by their teachers to come to after school programs at the CYD facility and do all kinds of fun things.
I want to get involved somehow with my art, and I plan to!!
But first, I get to take a dish and enjoy them for their Thanksgiving feast on Monday night.
Any suggestions for a dish?  Right now I'm thinking Corn Souffle.  My sweet "E"s favorite who will also be there.  I'm thinking that I'll take J and Lil E who will be in Atlanta for the week visiting!  I think it would be wonderful for Lil E as these kids just love little kids!
Back to CYD
Here are some of the sweet students!  I simply cannot wait to get involved with these wonderful young kids.
For more information on CYD and how you may contribute, visit their website:

Please consider a monetary contribution to this wonderful cause!
Have a fabulous day y'all!

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  1. What a wonderful thing to do with your talent and your time at Thanksgiving!

    BTW -
    100% - the Corn Souffle!