Thursday, November 17, 2011

I have a confession to make....

First of all, if you are driving down 1-20 (in Atlanta) going west in between the two perimeters, driving 75 you WILL get pulled over and you WILL get a SUPER SPEEDER ticket worth about 600 smackers.
yep!  that was me!  Got caught by a female cop so I couldn't flirt myself out of it.  I wish you could have seen her (maybe I COULD have flirted my way out of it :):)) Barney Fife in (well sort of) a female fashion.  Pulled her pants up like him and all.  She was even chewing tobacco! ICK. So, after being threatened to be towed off to jail because my insurance card had not reported it to the Georgia License bureau (thank you my sweet insurance company, yeah right) and having a very bad case of anxiety waiting for this cop to get hit (we were on a major interstate)..... off to court I went to try to get it lowered.  NOPE, thothin of it.  They did however say that I could take a "defensive driving school" to the tune of 75 bucks, and all records would be wiped clean!  Sounds like a good idea huh?  They lowered my fee to 300.00 ouch still.  Just for your info they will allow you to do this once a year.
So, me? donned in my cute Alice and Olivia "jailbird" sweater in the pouring down rain and I went to defensive driving school.  6 hours I might add.  Let me mention what a seedy part of Atlanta this was.  Scared to death.
I really cannot believe I'm showing these pics.  OH WELL. Only thing missing was me holding up the numbers!

They really didn't take these pics of me, but if they ever do,,,,remind me to wear make-up...and
 if I ever get caught doing something really bad  wrong, I'm smiling for the camera. And please someone, ask them to photoshop me!!!
to make matters worse,,,,or better,,,,I was the only one there!  So, the sweet lady let me leave early.
It is basically driving 101 and I'm surprised I know all the rules of driving. Except obviously seeing the speed sign drop from 75 to 50.

Just remember.  Going west on I-20 in Atlanta between the two perimeters, nearing Six Flags, the speed limit drops from 55 to 50.  Not even sure why they have it at 55! Erg, don't get me started on that.
Another thing?  This lady teaching the class told me some horrible stories about kids getting beat up by cops.  And talked about how corrupt the Atlanta police department is.  WOW.
Anyway, now I have to go pay my 300.00 speeding fine....ouch.
Have a great day y'all!!  I'm back for the rest of my course.


  1. The reason you were the only one in the class that time of day was down to most people:
    a. have to work and can't get time off to attend the weekday courses;
    b. don't have the money to attend the course that WOULD save them the points and 1/2 the fine;
    c. most people are clever to avoid the speed traps in the first instance.

    So thank your lucky stars you have the time and money to get off as lightly as you did.

    p.s. Its pretty sad when even a butch Barney Fife-type ladycop doesn't find you attractive. You're right - I don't think the flirting would've helped this time....

  2. hey "A"! Actually most classes are from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.. You are right about the people being clever to avoid the speed traps. That's exactly why the class was empty according to the instructor! I'm not clever enough :)
    And yes, I am thankful I was able to scrape enough money up to pay the fine!

  3. Also, sadly enough, her classes are packed with DUIs. Don't get me started on that!

  4. I think you have a good sense of humor about it all and I enjoyed reading your story!

    You probably should find something better to do than try and bring other people down. Like for instance, try and build yourself up. I promise you, trying to hurt someone else is not going to make yourself feel much better. And it is a very pathetic way to treat people. It doesn't matter how much you do not like someone, just be a better person and keep it to yourself. No one else cares to know.

    And as far as hiding behind the name ANONYMOUS, if you're going to say something at least have the courage to say who you are so we can all form our own opinions on your character. Me, I am very unashamed to call you out. This is Kendall Boggs' daughter, Callen. Please try and be more responsible next time you post something on the internet. God bless.

  6. why thank you sweet child of mine!

  7. Thanks for the info on the ability to reduce points by taking the defensive driving course. Sorry that you had to take an unnecessary hit from the A above. Especially since you were willing to put yourself out there....

  8. How much was your fee BEFORE they lowered it to $300.00?

  9. Anonymous....your point B. makes absolutely zero sense. If you can't afford to pay the $300 for the driving school, then you can't afford to pay the $600 for the ticket in the first place. So, if you can't afford the driving school then what are you going to do about the ticket? Hmmm.

  10. First. Im flabbergasted by a $600 ticket.
    doooo what? Georgia never did have their act together.. come on over to the sweet southern state of SC
    The first commenter of the day cracked me up
    I think it is the barney fife female cop that pulled you over....just sayin'

  11. Oh, bummer...not the way you want to spend your day. Looks like your first commenter woke up on the wrong side of the bed...too funny!!

  12. I think it is very funny that the first commentor seems to dislike you so much, yet they take time out of their day to read your entire blog post (and take notes it seems) and leave you a nasty comment. Seem to me that it's usually jealousy that makes people act like that.

  13. Kendall, This is Kasey Maddox. I can't believe that some1 would be so rude to u on your blog. Sounds like someone is jealous and all I can say is that u are gorgeous inside and out and you have blessed my family in so many ways since I met u! I love coming to see you every week just to spend time with you! You are a joy to be around and I'm blessed just to know you! I love you and I am praying for the person that was so hateful to you b/c you do not deserve that!

  14. Think about the negative way the Highway Patrol cop was represented. The Blogger even considered for a fleeting moment to flirt in order to avoid a ticket. So the light hilarity the blog was supposed to bring out was done so at the expense (*wink wink, nudge nudge) of the unbeautiful, the hard-working for the amusement of the bourgeois...diddums!

    so - I remain nameless, faceless voice of the rest of the world who do not have time to indulge in the musings of someone who has enough time on her hands to bore us with talk of pillows, overdone design and empty vapid musings.
    I'm not sure why I bother....

  15. WOW, nasty comments, anonymous. Somebody needs to get a life. Carole Hays

  16. Dear A,
    She was represented exactly like she presented herself. And I must say you have a gift with words. You should consider a blog of your own. Bet you would have tons of readers!.

  17. We r not sure why you bother either since you are so much better than Kendall and since you have so many better ways to spend your time. Grow up! Insulting some1 is childish. Kendall's post is not insulting. She knows the officer was simply doing her job and all she was doing was having a little fun and making light of her ticket. If you were insulted and you don't like her comments or her design, why do you read them?

  18. Glad you were able to take the class and save $225 by giving up a good chunk of time! I've taken defensive driving before too since Nashville has a 1/4 mile sneaky spot where the speed is 30mph where on either side of it is 40mph. Don't get me started. As to anonymously acting ugly, lame. Find a sense of humor A.

  19. If you are so "bored" with Kendall's musings, why are you here? the good Lord gave everyone free will, so no one has forced you to read it. You seem to know a lot about what she posts for someone who claims to have no time for it. As a person who does not know Kendall personally and follows her blog, I find her to be very kind and giving to everyone. Please reference her post before this or all of the giveaways she does. Seems to me someone is a wee bit jealous of her lifestyle. Here's a small piece of advice. When you start heavily insulting someone you don't even know, you may want to look inward. Seems like you may not be that happy with something in yourself. It comes off as bitter. God bless and hope you find happiness so you can stop tearing others apart.


    Surely, you are not going to waste any of your valuable time on a person who writes such transparently ridiculous statements?! Say a little prayer for her and step back into the sunshine, sweet girl.





  22. Anonymous must have just gotten kicked out of Occupy whatever and had nothing better to do. Love you Kendall.

  23. Kendall, first of all our dear friend got the same ticket My husband tried to go to atl traffic court, talking to the solicitor to no avail. She also ended up taking the school Wow! Sounds like a scam to me. I read your post the other day and immediately thought of her to read it. I enjoy your blog very much and it's appalling to realize the people that read our blogs and want to be negative. Just DON'T READ IT then!!!!! Arrrgggghhhh. Thank you for posting daily and sharing your beautiful family with us.

  24. get a life anonymous.
    apparently you spend enough time on Kendall's blog to know she posts about pillows and stuff. AND you read her posts. so you apparently weren't "bored" enough to stop reading. seriously. get over yourself. and, if you are not sure why you bother, maybe you SHOULDN'T bother at all.
    a POLITE anonymous
    Have a nice day Kendall :)
    p.s. im not trying to be rude in any way, but I DO stand up for cyber bullying, and however this has to do with adults, it is still cyber bullying.

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