Friday, November 4, 2011

Just a Smidgen......

of what you'll see when you come to the Greater Atlanta Christian School Artist Extravaganza!
be still my Angel lovin heart!

the night started with a HUGE bang and success, although a nasty little big rainfall had to damper the night a bit.  We still had tons of people!!!
here's my booth

there's jewelry

and animals!

and people!

and playful art!

and crafts!

more playful art!

really cool jewelry

love this gals display



my friend Julie Watt (love her work!)

I love this guy too.  Julie's cow!

belt buckles


Featured Artist Jose Pena

This makes my heart flutter.  Beautiful work by Marilyn Farnsworth Welding

Drop by and see me from 8 - 7 today!!!
Would love to see your face
Greater Atlanta Christian School
Indian Trail Rd. in North Atlanta
for directions, click here:
Have a beautiful day y'all!

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