Thursday, November 10, 2011

A (kinda) Easy Christmas Stocking

Okay, first of all, I've been in major "craft-a-holic" mode this week. I decided my last craft of the week would be to make 9 yep NINE Christmas stockings.  The stockings we use have just run the gamut.  I know my Nanny is sort of rolling over right now because I am replacing the hand knitted stockings that she slaved over, but I just can't stand to look at them anymore!  They are rags.  I mean mine is 52 years old!  Seriously.  So, before making these, I scoured the internet (again) for some cute stocking ideas.  The ones I found are from Horchow, 
gosh I'm so sorry this pick is so blurry.  I just hate it when a sight won't let you download a clear pic.
Any way...
I just love these!.  The problem?  98.00 each. x 9 = too expensive.
Okay, back to Gail K fabrics in Atlanta.  My trusty fabric store that I talk about all the time here.
So, I got 9 pieces of different types of wool and flannel. Plaid. stripes, solids, 1/3 yard of each.
Then I found a beautiful hunter green velvet to line them with.  I got 3 yards of that.  Then I found some beautiful ribbon to tie a bow and some cute little letters compliments of 
So,,,,for one of these you will need 1/3 yd of fabric, and 1/3 yd. of co-ordinating velvet (or anything you want to use) , a cute little letter for identifying the stocking, and 4" wide ribbon.
So, here's what I did
first you need to make your own pattern.  This is mine.  It's easy! Don't be intimidated! Then cut the wool out.

Using your wool as a pattern, cut the lining out, but cut it 3" longer on the top

Now with right sides together, stitch along the sides of the wool and then the lining leaving the top open on each piece.
oh wait.  leave an opening about 3" on the side of the lining. (This will be for turning)

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Clip all curves on each piece and then trim the seam

Now put one stocking inside the other and sew right sides together.  So sorry I don't have a good pic of this as I am still using the iphone, but now here's what cha do.  Pull both socks through that 3" opening in the lining.  You should have 2 stockings sewn together at the top and it should be really, really long. Now take the lining and tuck it inside the other stocking.  This is quite cumbersome but keep tucking until it is just right.

you should have about 2" of the lining showing.  Turn that over to create a 3" cuff.
Press really well

Now I sewed on the letter

and then the ribbon.  I then tied the ribbon in a bow

And here's my Lil B's stocking

And my lil E's!
and then my sewing machine messed up.

Have a great crafty day y'all! I'm goin back to Bham for a wonderfully fun fashion show at Anthropologie!


  1. Kendall, I still use the stockings that your Grandmother made for Paul Rick & Jay...Mine are 52 years old!!!Thanks Mrs. Harper!!!

  2. Love those stockings...especially the houndstooth with the gold...great color combination.