Monday, November 7, 2011

That Kind of Friend.....

Have you ever had a friend that well, you just love more than anything?  The kind that after not seeing them for 10 years and reconnecting on facebook only to start over with your friendship like you just saw them yesterday?  Well, that's the kind of friends Chip and Susan are.  I was trying to think of the perfect thank you to send them, and so I decided to publicly tell the world wide web what a wonderful, beautiful family this is.  I met Susan when Callen was 5.  She was Callen's kindergarten substitute teacher.  It was an instant friendship.  She lights up the world with her smile and has the most wonderful, funny personality to go with it.  So she became our babysitter.  Then Chip came along and what an incredible team they make.  They have a sixteen yr old, a 13 yr old and yep,,,,,,a 3 yr. old!!!!  I almost peed my pants when we reconnected and found out that she has a baby the same age as my g-baby! (we decided we ARE arranging for them to marry one day).  I stayed with them this weekend and ya know, I just don't know that I have ever been SO impressed with a family.  They are THE perfect parents, raising THE perfect kids.  They are just doing everything so right!  Impressed is the only word to describe how I feel about this family.  Well that and a whole lotta love.
I had intended to get a family shot but somehow time got away with us.
Thank you Chip and Susan for a wonderful time, and sharing your beautiful family with me.
I love you!

Have a beautiful day y'all!

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  1. There's nothing quite like that kind of friend, and what a beautiful family!! Hope you are all doing well ~