Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Blog Award!

Yesterday I was blessed!!!!
By my favorite blog in the whole wide world.
Kristy and Beth over at My Design the chicest design blog on the earth gave lil ole me a "Blog on Fire" award. 
 Lil ole me! Can you believe that right now?   I was so excited I almost peed my pants.
What an uplifting moment for the anxious g-mom to be (for the third time)
Now I get to pick out 5 blogs to nominate and tell you 5 interesting things about me.
Let's start with the easy part.  The blogs I love.
First up....
This chicks got it goin.
oh, the wrappings she does.  Makes me wanna gift every day. (well who wouldn't)
I think the way it works, is you send her the gift and she wraps it.  In everything heavenly anyone could want.   I mean she could wrap me up an empty paper box and I'd be happy!

 next up.
Slim's gotta make it in there.  She's up there rivaling Pioneer Woman status about now, but her blog is the best eva y'all.
From the MOST fashionable woman I know, to world traveler, to amateur photographer, you will never be disappointed in this chicks blog.  Entertainment x 10.
Here she is on one of her trips (that's she's on now in Sri Lanka.

see how her photography just pops off the page?

From an ex-designer, this blog gives me goosy bumps.
She finds the best of EVERything y'all


and I'm going to give a little award to my sweet daughter-in-law.
She's just starting her blog, but it is promising to be a "must read"
A neonatal nurse by profession and a professed budding "craft-a-holic" in training
I had to snatch a few pics of my g-babies from her blog this a.m.

and finally
this chickadee will take you through the building of her um,,,,,mansion.
OH I love the decisions she is making, and I think you will too!

and finally, 5 things about me?
mostly boring to tell you the truth!
1)  I have a whole set of Louis Vuitton luggage and I pack in a laundry basket (I'm not lyin here)
2) I am extremely OCD (except when it comes to luggage)
3) I have 3 beautiful children, 2 wonderful daughter and son in law and 2 grand babies. The third one will be born today!
4) I blog everyday!
5) Painting is my passion, but I'm passionate about just about everything
Hope you've enjoyed the "blog award"!  Now these bloggers need to pass it on to their 5 faves and tell 5 things about themselves.
Thank you again Kristy and Beth for the uplift yesterday.
Boy did I need it!!!
have a wonderful day y'all! I'm gettin a bebe!


  1. Just popped over from Design Chic - Congratulations on your lovely award! Well deserved - an interesting blog with beautiful photos.

  2. Any post with cute pictures of babies is perfect!!! Congrats on your blog award!!!

  3. Aww Kendall! Thanks for recognizing me on you list of favs! I'm working till 4pm today, so I'll see you all at the hospital this afternoon!!!! :)

  4. Awesome Kendall, I am so proud of you no matter what you do, you do it from the HEART. Love Aunt E!!!

  5. Congratulations Kendall! and many thanks for including me in YOUR list!! You have always been so supportive of my blog and I am much appreciative of your kindness and big heart.
    Sending love from Sri Lanka!!