Monday, October 28, 2013

"Boo at the Zoo"!

I love a good zoo trip.
And "Boo at the Zoo" is no exception!
The Birmingham Zoo is one fun place.
AND the costumes are SO fun!!!
my lil jar of lightening bugs.
We decided after he got so many stares that people either loved the idea or had no clue what he was.

The "bug family"
and bitty baby who WILL have a matching costume by Thursday.....

ya know?  lil girls just have to have bows in their hair.  The bigger the better
(kind of like diamonds :)

wait.  what exactly IS he?

I know this guy was smiling.

Farm animals are the best ever.  Must be my deep south upbringing.  But, I love some farm animals.

have a great day y'all!!!

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