Friday, October 25, 2013

Ferrari Fine Art. A Simply Wonderful Opening!


Really I just don't have any other words to say besides that!
Last night could not have gone better.
I have to tell you that Carolyn Ferrari the brain behind this gallery is brilliant.
Not only is she brilliant, she is one of the hardest workers I have ever in my life met.
She is also one of the most respected people that I have the honour of knowing.
I received an e-mail from her yesterday morning that said she had been at the gallery until 4:30 AM
I said "you are NOT coming in until you get AT LEAST 3 hours sleep.
She was there at 8, ready to work.
Goodness, gracious, alive.
But.  The fact of the matter is, when you open a gallery there is so much that has to be done.
Especially for the grand opening.
Hanging, pricing, name tags, rentals, wine, food.
Probably the hardest part is hanging the art where everything looks cohesive and complimentary of one another.
I will tell you personally, that after climbing a 10 foot ladder probably 100 times yesterday, I am ONESOREPUPPY.
I am seriously thinking a massage may be in my future....
So, y'all, we had so many people there last night.
A beautiful cool night which made for a fabulous event.
So, enjoy the pics!!!
a few of the artists!
from left to right
me, Jan Eubanks, Lisa Moore, Cathy McIntire, and Carolyn Ferrari

 my squeeze and good friend Scot

 um,,,,don't hate me because my dress came from ZARA....59.00 

Lisa Moore

 my latest (and largest that I've ever painted)!
"Floating Flowers"

I personally want to thank the vendors who lovingly brought flowers, food, and other goodies in support of Winship Cancer Institute.
I also want to tell you why this gallery is special.
This is a "cause related" gallery.
Each artist will represent a specific cause.
My cause is Shepherd Center here in Atlanta.
A percentage of all sales will be designated to the cause that each artist represents.
Very cool!

I also want to recognize a few other people who made this happen.
don't know his last name, but let me tell ya. We could NOT have pulled this off with out him.
He hung paintings, he painted walls, he ran errands.
Ya know, it's just wonderful having someone that just does whatever you ask.
And all with a smile on his face.

my sweet, sweet little friend Anna Bryan.
A SCAD grad was just the biggest help EVER last night.
She is proof that these 20 somethins got it together.
She walked around with the ipad writing up sales, refilling wine, just doing everything that we needed done.

Thank you to everyone who attended our wonderful kick off!
The gallery is now officially open!!!!
come see us y'all!!!!

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  1. I enjoy viewing the paintings in this exhibit, Kendall. And to think that each of these wonderful creations represents a different cause made them even more priceless treasures.

    Allison Perris