Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wedding Wednesday!!! Mother of the Bride Dresses

wow.  this is difficult y'all!
What do you do when you don't feel old and "matronly"?

Which is exactly what the MOB dresses out there look like.
Hard decision.
When Callen's "groom's" mother and I spoke yesterday, we both agreed that we want non-matronly, sophisticated, non-revealing,  figure flattering dresses.
That's not asking too much huh?
So, I found Teri Jon.
I have to say, I'm impressed with what I found there.  I may have even found "the dress"!
Here are some of my favorite selections

and then there are these:

Alice and Olivia

 Saks (on sale right now)


 Bergdorf Goodman

 I LOVE this dress, with a shawl of course.



and, if you want to spend 10 K, you can have this beaut.

have a wonderful day y'all!!!
Hope your wedding planning is going great!!!


  1. It took me 3 months to find a MOB dress. My advice start trying on. I changed my mind 3 times! I chose the color of my daughter's flowers and the flower girls dress color to go by after all they sat with their Gigi when they got tired during the ceremony. Be sure to look at what the dress looks like from your back for that is how you will be viewed going down the isle. Remember the bride is the one to shine! Have fun looking!

  2. I am also looking for the same thing. There are a lot of dresses out there that are matronly, but I don't want to look too young either. A friend of mine ended up purchasing a bridesmaid dress that was perfect on her. Anonymous I am afraid to see what I look like from behind, lol!
    Margaret L

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  4. As a mother of the bride, I color coordinated with the mother of the groom so we didn’t clash. Then I went to a store where you selected what you wanted from samples and then they made it for you to fit and in the color of your choice. Worked quite well and wasn’t super expensive. There wasn’t much difference in the formality level between my dress and the mother of the groom. Thanks for this awesome posting. really so much appreciable... inspiration blog... :-) specially I like your publishing way. looking forward to see more...

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  6. Beautiful Collection. I adore all the dresses out here. I want to know if you can sell a wedding dress here too? If yes then please share the price list, i am interested to buy one.

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