Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Sad Day for the Art World

Yesterday one of my favorite artists of all times passed away.
George Rodrigue
He was truly an Icon in the art world.
I had many oppourtunities to meet him, but never actually did.
I am sad that life slipped away before I met him.
His work inspired me on so many levels to become an artist.
He showed me how important it is to put feeling and emotion into your work.

George Rodrigue also known as the "Blue Dog" painter actually started out as a French impressionistic painter down in New Orleans.
Very accomplished with that style, he painted with his little dog by his side.
After that little dog died, he just couldn't get him out of his mind.
He started painting that little dog into his French Impressionistic paintings!
the color blue represented sadness.
Blue Dog was born.
People started going nuts over this cute little blue dog.
Even Absolute Vodka did an ad.

Blue dog became so popular that it took over his impressionistic work and he started painting just Blue Dogs.
Blue Dog Gallerie was created.

"W" and I started collecting Blue Dogs when we first went to Carmel probably 20 years ago.
My first Blue Dog was a painting that he gave me for our anniversary way back then.
It is special to my heart.
"Looking at Life Through Rose Colored Glasses"
that's kind of how I am..

we then added this one to our collection when we went to Carmel two weeks after 9/11
"God Bless America"
circa 2001
Rodrigue printed 1000 limited edition "artist's proofs" and donated the money to the Red Cross.
The story behind this painting was one of sadness, despair for NY, and patriotism.
He painted the Blue Dog white depicting the soot that he saw on the people after the attack.  The red eyes represented the tears that were shed.  This is my favorite piece of art work that I own.  One that I will keep in my family forever.
We were extremely lucky to be able to purchase this painting as it has now become very rare and valuable.

I love George Rodrigue's work.
I am so sad that he is not with us anymore.
may you now be reunited with your little blue dog.
George Rodrigue

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