Friday, December 27, 2013

Taking Care of Me....The MacDaddy of all New Year's Resolutions....

I'm typically not a big New Year's Resolution maker.
I also NEVER EVER go out on New Year's Eve.
However, this year may be different.

Next year I am giving myself the first 3 months of the year to change a few things.
January 1st will be exactly 3 months and 7 days before Callen's and Houston's wedding.
I realize that I'm kind of piling on the resolutions, but this year has kind of taken a toll on me.
I have done, done, and done.
And, I have TOTALLY let myself go.
So, here it is.

I am actually going to do a 31 day challenge for the month of January.  So, for each day I will match the day with a dollar amount.  By January 31st I will have saved 496.00.

yep, getting some Botox.  I'm not too proud to admit it.

 doing this too.  Join me.


completely getting off ALL sodas.  Nothing but caffeine free iced tea or lemon/cucumber water.


Starting classes at Pure Barre.


NO alcohol for 3 months.


Starting on this face regimen.  It is really amazing.  It is kind of hard I'm not going to lie, but trust me on this.  It's like a mini face lift at a fraction of the cost


work on my sleep issues....big time


less of this.


I'm not going to say how much weight I'm going to lose.  I'm just going to say that I'm going to lose 2 clothing sizes.


spend more time with this guy.

and this one too.

I'm doin it!!!!

have a great day y'all!!!


  1. Botox=AWESOME!! Pure changing! Obagi miracle in a bottle...LOVE! I am with you NEED to give up Diet Coke, it is just JUNK! Good Luck!

  2. THat is such a fun post!! I could use some botox for sure, then I wont look like an Angry bird!!!
    Love your art work!
    Karolyn-The Relished Roost!

  3. jumped over from Design chic and your blog is great!! I love the new 2014 refresh starts. I printed the money chart never have seen it before and is manageable for me. I would love to have an all cash expense Christmas now that is a challenge for me! The Angry Bird comment is too funny..and I fit that category...differently need Botox and fillers!!! I will check into the other face product you mentioned. The vino I think I can go three weeks without it so I will start with that challenge!! Have a wonderful New Year!!

  4. Kendall, Just now exploring some of your blog:) It's been a busy month! This is a fun post and I'm with you on all of the above (I'm 54.. where does the time go?!) I'm going to add you to my blog roll! xxleslie

  5. Just found your blog. Your bright personality just shines through your writing. Love your goals! I gave up the Diet Coke and other sodas last November--finally have lost the desire for those addictive little things. Had the colonoscopy in October--prep is the rotten part. Had a few fillers in November--LOVE the results.Started back to spin class last week--finally. Thanks for an uplifting, reality-based blog. Happy New Year to you!