Monday, December 9, 2013

WOW. A Wonderful Weekend!

Okay, I know you're thinkin...
Did she fall off the earth?
Nope, I'm still here.
Just maybe like totally exhausted?

Brentwood Fine Art and Sale was this weekend.
(oops, I didn't even blog about it)
my bad.
I drove over Friday morn in what truly was some of the worst weather I've ever driven through. Ever.
100% pouring rain/0 visibility due to fog.
I literally had to pry my hands from the steering wheel.
I really thought this show was going to be a bust.
They were calling for ice/sleet/a little snow.
and Nashville pretty much shuts down if there's even a hint of ice coming.
So, what I thought was gonna be a bust of a show turned out to be a fantastic show!
I saw ALL, well some, most of my old buddies.
It was truly wonderful and like going home.
I miss this beautiful, fair city like crazy!!!
I just miss Tennessee.
couldn't resist a DD lottery ticket....
i lost.
okay, back to the show.
The surprise hit!
My new bottle line Grace 11:11 knocked the doors down!
 I am thrilled to say that I sold 12 of these bottles.
What worried me was that folks would consider these more of just a decorative item instead of a piece of art.
They are pricey starting at 95.00 and going to 425.00.
I was so proud of the comments I got for my new little line.
Wonderful, sweet people bought them and respected the work that went in to them
i am proud.
now. back to Atlanta and back to work!!!  Scott Antique Market starts this Thursday.
A whole slew of new bottles will be there!
Come see me!

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