Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ferrari Fine Art and Scotts!

I'm just going to admit it.
I'm looking forward to Monday.
Monday will be the end of my shows and I can finally do some shopping!
Welcome to Christmas y'all.
It's the most hectic time of the year.
(sung to It's the most wonderful time of the year)
Thinking I may have stretched this holiday season a little bit to far....i'm beat.

Last night was our 2nd Wednesday Wine at 
Ferrari Fine Art
some of my new friends with Carolyn Ferrari!

So many wonderful folks came and saw and [purchased]
some great gifts!
We really do have some wonderful gifts.
I especially love the "under 40.00" gifts that we have.
I even indulged in some jewelry for me!
hey, what's Christmas without shopping for yourself?
you know...two for me, one for them...

 Lisa Moore 

Coasters by Cathy McIntire
10.00 each
(they are selling like crazy!)

Adrian Chu Redmond

These wonderful hand painted trivets and cups (and others) by our talented intern Ranuka!
also paints pet portraits.
I commissioned her for one yesterday
Get her while she's still affordable.
Is this not the cutest thing ever?

grace 11:11 has been re-stocked along with my 48.00 minis!

the little one on the far right sold last night!
I love how the angel's head is tilted.  She looks like Mary!

the largest (and most frustrating piece I've done to date)

and another.
note the Japanese ribbon that I'm using.
very special (for that VERY special person in your life)

Carolyn's minis starting at 48.00

Lisa Moore

more grace 11:11

our amazing jewelry designer!
and y'all, her prices are really unique!

Lisa Moore (love her work)

today starts Scotts.
And the official end to my art season!

Scott Antique Market
South Building

Come see me y'all!!!


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