Sunday, December 22, 2013

THRILLED to announce!!!

So many wonderful things are happening in my art world!!!
Humbled is the only word I can think of.
Not only has this been a gang buster year as far as my painting goes, my Grace 11:11 bottle line has just been accepted into the renowned Trinity Spotlight on Art show here in Atlanta.
The show starts February 3 and goes through February 8th.
This is one of the most prestigious shows in the South with highly sought after artists from all over the country.
There have been articles written in so many publications on this show.
Even overseas!
Highly coveted and a tremendous honour to be invited.
when I got the word yesterday that my new bottle line
Grace 11:11 has been accepted into the show I was ecstatic.
Really, really ecstatic.
Since I am down to about 5 bottles, I will be hittin the ground soldering right after the first!!!

(please note, not all bottles shown are available)
If you happen to live in the Atlanta area, I literally have around 6 bottles left for purchase.

Please contact 
Carolyn Ferrari
for information on purchasing.
Unfortunately it is too late to have shipped (unless I can convince my husband to go over to the gallery, have them packed, and take it to UPS to be overnight ed for a ridiculous cost......hum)
It really could be done if I'm nice enough to him....
wait.  I'm ALWAYS nice to him :)

Thank you so much for all of your support!

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