Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'm So Excited to Announce!!!! My Design Chic.

This is one of my ALL TIME favorite blogs featuring my new bottle line
Grace 11:11
These gals have developed one of the most popular design blogs in the country.
This mother daughter team has impeccable taste.
It is an addictive blog and one that you WILL want to read on a daily basis. 
My goal for the new year is to go visit these sweet two gals and have them give me a few pointers!!!!
Beth and Kristy.  Expect a surprise visit :)


I just want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for featuring my new 
grace 11:11 bottle line.

If you are interested in purchasing, please contact Ferrari Fine Art
or me

***bottles can be shipped, still in time for Christmas

I have an exclusive in Atlanta with this art gallery.
however,  I have sold over 25 bottles in the last two weeks.  Ferrari Fine Art literally has only 5 left. so if this is important for you to buy one as a gift (perfect gift btw) please contact them today!
Also, these are an extremely unique gift item.  No one in the country makes them like this
Very special gift.

I will, however,  be re-stocking after the new year!
Also note, due to the intense, unique and time consumming work involved in these bottles, they range from 98.00 - 425.00.
They are also extrememly delicate and must be handled with extreme care.
I have "closed up shoppe for the holidays" (in terms of making these)  but will be designing a whole new bottle line after the first.

From the bottom of my heart -
Thank you SO much for your support!
May you and your family have the most beautiful, warm, and rewarding holiday season ever!
and remember....
there is always a special Angel watching over your shouler.
Believe that!

grace 11:11
"faith, friendship, love, forgiveness"


  1. WOW...thank you for this!! We are completely obsessed with your GORGEOUS bottle and think they are the perfect gift for everyone. Thank you for letting us know about them!! Hope you're having a great week!!

  2. These bottles are gorgeous!!! Merry Christmas Kendall:)