Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kendall Conrad Designs

Every now and then I come across something too good not to share.
That would be Kendall Conrad Designs.
Not really sure how we met, but the name probably had something to do with it :)

I love her name....

Her stuff is definitely on my Christmas "short" list.
We haven't actually "met", I just kinda got to know her through Instagram.
She has two shoppes out in California.
One in Venice and one in Santa Monica.
I want to go to one of them.
the next time I visit the west coast I WILL be seeing her beautiful designs.

this lil number may have made the list.

can't you just smell the leather through the internet on this Hobo?  Perfect size, perfect slouch.

Check her out y'all!

Scott Art Gallery is still going strong!
Would love to see you today or tomorrow.
Scott Antique Market
South Building L-10, Atlanta

Sunday is the grand finale of my art season.
Except for working on a few commissions, I will be closin up shop and getting some much needed rest (and shopping)
8 shows in 2 months is a little bit much for this OLD gal.
SO, if you need art or my Grace 11:11 bottle line, I still have a few pieces.
Please contact me at for information on what I still have available for Christmas!
Thanks guys!
and go see Kendall Conrad!
(tell her I said hello!)


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