Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Let's Talk About Religion.....

I was born and raised Episcopalian.
Yes, you know the drill.
Sit, kneel, pray, stand, sit, kneel, pray, stand.
and over, and over and over again.
Honestly, I can't tell you how many times Reverend Acosta called me out (by name) after dosing off...or chewing gum...or doodling....or talking.
I went most of my life to The Episcopal Church of the Nativity in Dothan, Alabama.

An absolutely beautiful (and really I'm serious)
high church with the most amazing pipe organ you've ever heard.

Candlelight service was my favorite

I was not christened there, but I went through communion there.
The classes, the whole bit.

"W" grew up Southern Baptist.
Makes for an interesting mix huh?

You know, when there are four Episcopalians together, there is usually a 5th.
that's the truth
Southern Baptist? not so much.
Although, I have seen a few "too many" Southern Baptist down a few too many.

Growing up in Dothan, there were some challenges with in me with religion, I'm not going to lie.
I was raised truly feeling guilty about certain aspects of my belief.
I was raised in a predominately Southern Baptist area.
I'm not saying that's bad at all, it just made for a little bit of confusion concerning religion for me.
I am much more of a spiritual person than a religious one.
I believe in God, I believe in healing, I believe that the lessons that God teaches us need to be listened to and followed.
My spiritual side is one of trusting my instincts that I really, really believe are guided by angels.
Many of whom are my deceased friends and family.
I pray.
I will say that with my Episcopalian upbringing, religion is extremely personal to me.  Very much so.  I don't talk about it much.  My God, is my God, and my relationship with Him is mine and mine alone.
Right or wrong?
You be the judge....if you're a judgemental person.
(don't get me on that soapbox)
Anyway, last night we went to J and E's church last night for Christmas service.  To say this ole "Episcopalian" can change her ways about religion is well, just the truth.
I love this church.
Church of the Highlands.
Pastor is just stinkin hilarious.
Music is simply amazing.
I love everything about this church.
One thing that stands out with me about this church is a sermon the pastor talked about about 6 months ago.
He said that he actually got a phone call from one of the members telling him that someone had lit up a cigarette in the parking lot.
His comment was "well, I hope you never do anything wrong"
I do not like hypocrites AT ALL.
Ya know, it's really their choice if they want to smoke or not.
I loved that he (the pastor) was so unconditional about this.

In closing, I want to say that I try to live my life with out conditions attached.
I am a forgiving soul.   That's not to say I immediately forget.
(something I'm working on)
but,,I believe in forgiveness.
I Totally believe in faith.
I believe in Angels.
I believe in God.
I thank God every day for blessing me with the most amazing life anyone could have.

My religion is a personal relationship with God.
It's between me and him.
Some may disagree, but remember....we are not here to judge.
Have a wonderful Christmas Eve y'all!!!
my babies.

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