Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Beautiful Weekend! The Wedding of Tyler and Anna Schnell!

4 down (out of 14 grandkids) out of the Callaway clan!
Y'all, what a beautiful weekend this was.
Oh my goodness.
The wedding was stunning, the wedding party was stunning, the mother of the groom.  Well, I know she's my sista and all, but y'all, she just looked gorgeous.
She radiated pride.
And I was so proud of her!
So.  Get ready for photo overload.
Big time!
First up?  The rehearsal dinner.
The handsome groom

The beautiful bride

My older brother Jack's kids

 Jack and Mary!

My beautiful stepmom, Jackson, and my dad Jack senior (we like the name Jack)

The experienced newlyweds.

My sister looked amazing all weekend!

Parents of the bride!

Two wonderful life long friends!

I know they're mine, but...

sweet Ally.

and her hair.

by the way, my nephew Tyler makes these amazing mirrors.

my mother's charm bracelet.

doesn't she look amazing?

I was good and didn't bring my camera to the wedding :)
The reception was at The Club in Birmingham.
"W" and I had our reception there 33 years ago!

My sweet, sweet aunt and uncle!

Camera messed up at just the worst moment!!!

SO much fun!!!
Congrats Tyler and Anna!!!


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  1. Great photos and a gorgeous family! Your uncle reminds me of George Bush Sr.!!