Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cyber Decorating!

So.  As I'm sitting here lying on the couch I'm looking over at "W" who was so excited about watching the draft.
sound asleep.
and snoring.
while they are drafting NFL players.

and up pops a One King's Lane e-mail to me.
One of about 3 I get per day.
So, I decided to do a little decorating!
I put together a room in a pretend house!
Feel free to steal any of my ideas!  and I won't even charge you!

first up, everyone's favorite "Elephant Tusk" paint by Benjamin Moore

I decided that I would have to have this on one wall

with these on either side

two of these facing one another.  Without those pillows.

I would have extra large velvet pillows made out of this

and the rug would look like...

I would have two arm chairs like...

this would be the ottoman/coffee table

and this would sit in back of one of the sofas:
with these two lamps:
I would probably change the shade though
hang with me here.
on one of the open walls I would choose this wonderful abstract by my friend
Melissa Payne Baker
for just a pop of color.

somewhere in that room I would have a writing desk.
like this.

and this lamp
and this chair

hope you've enjoyed my little cyber decorating experiment!
I may have to do this again!

have a great night y'all!

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  1. I love One Kings Lane and all of your choices are wonderful. Hope you have the best Mother's Day!!