Thursday, May 8, 2014

Soca, A Wonderful Little Boutique!

There is this fabulous little boutique in Homewood, Alabama that is a MUST visit kinda place.
Soca Clothing
They also have locations in Tuscaloosa and Nashville!

and, if you go there, ask for my sweet youngest who has just been named manager of the shoppe!

Of course I went through the website and found many, many clothing items that are a must have for ME.

um, Mother's Day is Sunday (wink)

So, let's get started.

First, they have a huge selection of jeans.  These are my fav.  AG

with my surgery coming up really soon (hopefully next week) I am on a quest to find many pairs of palazzo pants.




and 4

 I think these would be so cute with a mint green top

everyone needs a Piko top (or many Piko tops) (in every color)

go visit Soca today!!!

have a wonderful day y'all!
oh, and don't forget to come see me at Scotts!!
South Building
I may have a little "giveaway" surprise!!!


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