Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sewing 101!

Yesterday I got busy.
I have been searching the world over (literally) for Palazzo pants for after my surgery.
Which is this Wednesday at 7:45 for all of those wanting to send flowers, gifts, money....heehee.
But, I will be at Emory Orthopeadics and Spine
just kidding about the gifts of course.  Money?  well.
Anyway, loose clothing is where I'm gonna be for the next six weeks.
And I want to look cute.  Because if I don't, my sister will kick me out of her house.
seriously.  She likes cute.
so anyway, in my quest to find the perfect pants, I either came up with pricey (very) or not so cute...,  so, I had to resort to my sewing machine.
Now, if you do not know how to sew, but would like to learn, this is a perfect, I mean perfect pattern for you to learn.
So, get out that dusty ole sewing machine that your mom gave you 15 years ago and get busy!!!
first up, this pattern.
Also know, that the people that design home made patterns don't know what they are doing as far as sizing a pattern goes.  I'm serious about that.  Go up ATLEAST 2 sizes.  This only applies to women's patterns.  Children's seems to be much truer to size.
You can learn a lot of basics with this pattern.  Cutting, sewing a straight seam, finishing a seam (I'll get to that in a bit), hemming, and making a casing and threading the elastic.
now, it was really too complicated for me to document every step of this with my camera, but I want to show you this.  I used a nylon fabric.  After you sew the seams, it is advisable to zigzag the seam.  If you have a serger (mine is stored away somewhere) this does not apply.  This is the setting I used.  Lower the stitch length, and widen the stitch width.  If this is too complicated just don't worry with doing it.

this is the outcome.

and these are what I made! (yesterday morning).  Takes about 1 hour (or less) per pants.

love, love, love this fabric

this is to let you know how important cutting your pattern out is.  If anyone can guess why these pants will ONLY be worn inside, you win a prize.  (don't get excited, just kidding)

and my selfies! :) (next surgery? eye lift)

this if for my beach trip that I'm giving myself after I recoup.
on to a more difficult pattern.
cute, very, cute.
you may want to sew a little before tackling this one.  Pattern companies lOVE to say EASY on them  because it sells the pattern.

love this and will wear it many times.  Could have used a large though.
Also, I think the fabric is a little stiff for such a draped top.
let me edit...
had to throw in this little number I whipped up this morning...
I love!
fabric and trim - Hoblob - total cost about 15.00

Breakdown on price.

Retro fabric (first pic) - Gail K Fabrics Atlanta - 12.00 yd. - 25.00
Tie Dyed Fabric - Hancocks - 6.00 yd. - 15.00
Red chevron - Hanckocks - 12.00 yd. - 25.00
pants take 2 1/2 yds.

Gail K Fabrics - 12.00 yd. - 25.00

total not including the patterns
90.00 for 3 pairs of pants and one top....
not to bad huh?

have a great day y'all!!!


  1. Hope your surgery goes well! Will be keeping you in my prayers. You will look fabulous however afterwards in your new creations!

  2. I agree with Denise- you will be the most stylish post hip surgery patient ever! And will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Always enjoy your enthusiastic and generous posts!

  3. SO glad you posted the patterns! I will be getting these!

  4. You will, without a doubt, be the best-dressed patient ever! Best of luck with your surgery. You are the most creative person I know, and I always love your creations!