Saturday, August 16, 2014

A New Adventure!

This week I decided to embark on a new adventure!
I went to my local art store and bought all new paints....
oil paints.

Now.  Being an acrylic painter who uses lots of texture, this is really, really a big deal for me.
Acrylic dries really fast and since I'm a little lot impatient, it was going to be really interesting to see how I handled this.
I also use a ton, ton, ton of texture with my acrylic paintings.
I'm not going to lie, it is frustrating getting that same texture for oil paints.
and, it is a total different technique.
so, I watched my studio partner Lisa Moore...ahem

she is a master, and I'm not lying.
watch her create her magic with the greatest of ease.

"I can do this" (I thought).

and I AM determined.
and, every so often Lisa watches me getting frustrated and comes to my rescue :)
She's like having a built in art instructor.
I'm not going to go strictly oils, but it does give me something exciting new to work on and to learn!!!
and all my artists buds say they have to be constantly stimulated...
This is an impressionist of my daughter and Cate.  And unless Jordan absolutely HAS to have it, it really doesn't match with the colors of her house, and I have another painting in mind.

in other words...
it's for sale

This is called "Mother and Child"

30 x 30 Oil on gallery wrapped canvas


have a wonderful day y'all!

contact me at for information.


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