Saturday, August 23, 2014

MOCA, The Grand Opening, and a Wonderful Open House!

Last night was a terrific event!
It was the grand opening of MOCA - The Museum of Contemporary Art at Tula Art Center where my art studio is located.
Along with that, all of the artist's studios were open for folks to peruse through and study or buy art.
Lisa and I had so many people come through our studio!
I will admit, since I had heard that art critics would be there, um, well, ya know, I was nervous.
We got the most wonderful, gracious comments I've ever heard.
I was so blessed and felt so honored!

Of course, my camera was in tow!

our studio!

Lisa is as sweet as she is beautiful!

Paul Light

Love that aqua abstract!

now on to one of the most famous artists at TULA.
Alexi Torres

he's also not to hard on the eyes...

and I am really loving Alexi's brother Ernesto's work.

we have become great buds!

have a wonderful day y'all!!

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