Wednesday, August 27, 2014

You Can Paint!

For the last two nights, I have had the honour of teaching 11 lovely ladies how I paint!

I have taught classes before, but as of late have made the decision to have at least one paint party per month.
This is the first one I had in Atlanta.
We had a beautiful hostess, MaryAnn, who opened her home to us.
No one knew each other!
Can you believe that?  So for the 6 hours we all spent together, not only is everyone an aspiring artist, they are now new friends!
How fun is that?
Unfortunately the first night, I had forgotten my camera chip so I don't have pics, but this is what the paintings looked like after the first night (three hours)

Everything was coming up angels!!!!
I love that all the paintings had taken on a personality of their own.  And their owners!

Now.  We started off the class last night looking at our paintings.  I wanted the ladies to carefully study their completely dry works of art!
Then we did a little thing that I called "Show and Fix"
This is where everyone brought their masterpiece up to the front of the class and the class collectively   discussed what we needed to do to the painting.
I love, love, loved this!  I learn SO much about what people see in a painting, and which direction I personally should go when painting my own paintings!
and, the class was so gracious and all handled constructive criticism like pros!
I was SO proud of them

 they all told me what they were worried about in their painting and together we fixed it!
Not sure what I'm pointing out here but that's an awful face!! haha!

this is the way you learn!
 taking a "bonding" break!

Finishing the painting.  Yikes!!!

yep, we covered that painting all up!

and then we wiped it down.

revealing some amazing paintings!

Can you believe these???

This was the best class EVER!!!

Thank you ladies for making my last two nights so special!!!

*if you are interested in a paint party, please contact me at

Have a great day y'all!

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  1. How fun is this?? They all did such a good job, but I have to tell you that as a child, I would rather go to math class than art. Not an ounce of artistic talent here…looks like such a great eventing…