Friday, August 22, 2014

A SUPER Impressive Family, and an Important Ministry....

I met Mike and Janet Hardin when my youngest was in the 10th grade.  We had moved from Nashville to Atlanta and Callen was accepted into Wesleyan School for her 10th - 12th grade years.  Mike and Janet's daughter Kate was one of Callen's first friends.  Now, when I say Kate is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever laid my eyes on, I am serious.  Take a look.

she is not only beautiful, she's also smart!

Now, about Mike and Janet.
um, can you say like "really good genes run in their family"?

In one word, this couple is just simply "impressive"

Mike and Janet are passionate about a ministry called
Rio Ministries

They and their two daughters Kate and Mary were introduced to Rio by going to Monterrey, Mexico to see their non denominational ministry where they feed several hundred very poor children three times a week.  They help reconcile families that have drug dependency or alcohol issues.  They saw the homes where the people lived which were literally shipping crate sides with a metal roof.  No floor, no water, no power, and no furniture.  It simply broke their hearts.  The next year they put together a team and went back to help build a dormitory for an orphanage.  Last year they brought some of the kids that have grown up in the feeding program with them on a Rio Mission trip to Nicaragua.  They also brought a dentist to pull teeth and construction workers to build a church.  Seven out of ten of the people could not pay their way, so Mike and Janet started selling items that he makes to bring people with them.  They raised 13,000.00.  So far this year, they have raised 5,800.00 for their next trip back to Nicaragua.
Now, anyone interested in going with them on a life changing adventure may join them.
This is a bucket list thing for me and I will most likely be taking them up on this offer.
As Mike says "it is like nothing you have ever done.  We are changed more than the very poor people we are there to help".

Mike's company (he is also an extremely successful commercial developer here in Atlanta)
holds a sporting clay shotgun shoot each year for the past six years to raise money for the ministry.  The shoot is coming up this November for shooters who would like to join them.
(I love to shoot a good gun)

Now.  About how Mike raises money through his work.
Impressive is all I know to say.

He incurres all the expenses of the artifacts that he finds to turn in to beautiful, unique pieces.
100% of what he sells goes to this ministry.  That means he makes a big ZERO on the items he sells.
When he sells his items what actually happens is the buyer writes a check to Rio Ministries as a donation.  Rio Ministries is a 501-C3 non profit ministry so the contributor receives a statement at year end of their contribution that allows them to deduct the contribution from their taxes.  Mike is donating the item to them (as in the buyer)  for their generosity.  In effect, they are getting the item for half of what they write the check.
Hoping that makes sense.
(it will to my husband, me? well I'm not real good with that stuff) wink.
so....what exactly does he sell/make?
here we go with pics!!!
Trust me, you will LOVE his work!!!

Let me say.  I will put his e-mail address at the bottom of this post.  Please do not contact me as I really think you need to work with Mike on purchasing pieces.  I'm just the messenger!

I do know this mirror is 500.00.  Wood is off a barge out of New Orleans

I do know this table is 750.00 (because I want it)

and this FAB piece is 1,000.00 (asked about it too)

and last but not least, his iron lamps kinda made my new bedroom, don't you agree?

Contact information for Mike Hardin;

please help support Mike make important funds for this wonderful ministry!

have a wonderful day y'all!

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