Saturday, August 2, 2014

Our Last Day!!! A Wonderful Vacation!

Well yesterday we all just sat out beside the pool.  The kid's pool.
The best kid's pool ever created.
J and E's darling friends K and J were there celebrating their anniversary (without their kids) and so they decided to come join us.  We decided they were probably crazy....remember.  We were at the kid's pool.  A very big, very loud, very crazy kid's pool.
Gregory felt a little left out!!! Bless his heart.

Anyway, really, I think I enjoyed yesterday more than any day!  We sat around and told the funniest stories.  I honestly don't remember when I laughed so much! It is SO much fun to tell party stories to your grown kids and watch their amazed faces. wink.
Anyway, while we were having fun, Evers met a new little friend from Germany!

who had the SAME mermaid tail!!!  OMG, can you believe that???

about then we told Ever's a surprise.  Bean and Boo had gone all over Atlantis looking for tickets for the Miss Teen USA pageant for yesterday night.  It was the swimsuit and evening gown competition.

now.  I would be a hypocrite if I didn't admit to the fact that I'm not a huge beauty show kinda girl.
I have many friends that are beauty queens and I greatly admire them and their dedication to what they love.  And they are beautiful, sweet women!
As a matter of fact my first year of college I was in the school pageant and won!  I was "Miss Bison" (yep) for an entire year.  That led me to participate in Miss Southeast Alabama pageant.  Well, I didn't have a talent so I just started singing.
um...I got runner up in the talent contest heheheheh!  After the pageant was over, my mom came up to me and said "I didn't even know you could sing"....okeedokee.  That got me a school scholarship and took me to some other contest in Alabama.  I decided singing wasn't my thing, so my college roommate Donna taught me how to be a mime.  Yep, I was a mime.
I didn't win anything in that contest...
That was the end of my beauty queen contesting.
we all knew that going to a big huge beauty contest would be the best day of a little 5 year old girl's life.
I did have a talk with her about the fact that she will never wear skimpy swimsuits on stage, wear fake eyelashes and will never...ever....ever....wear that much makeup...ever.
so, here we go.
and yes.  It WAS the most fun day of her life!
there were beauty queens EVERYWHERE.

Miss New Hamphire USA's sister is Miss Teen New Hampshire.  A whole family of beauty queens.  Evey promptly told Miss New Hampshire that she was "going for Miss Alaska..." we left very fast after I heard that ;)

 I saw the beauty queens coming out and scooted Evey over to snap their pictures!!!
and they loved it!

Everyone was hoopin and hollerin

we had to root for Miss Alabama.

all in all, the girls were just so sweet and genuinely loved being on stage.  I would have much rather seen these teens, however, with "less skin" and less makeup.  But that's just me.  I'm an old fuddy duddy.  I guess.

and then....
this is what we left back at Atlantis this morning!

Such a fun trip!  Thanks for joining me!!!

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