Thursday, August 7, 2014

BE CAREFUL out There....

I am always amazed at the news in Atlanta.
But, lately it's gotten so much worse, and it's hitting closer to home.

Well, that is if you're a woman.

Here, there was a brutal attack of a woman simply taking a walk on what is called the Silver Comet Trail.
Goodness, you should see what this guy did to her.

Then, just the other day another woman was brutally attacked at a popular high end mall here.

Okay, I'm no safety expert, but with all of these recent attacks, it has made me take notes (and do a little research)

I live near a popular shopping area where I can see people walking to their cars from my window.

I spent about 30 minutes watching people yesterday.

This is what I saw:

 Almost every woman I saw walking by herself was on her cell phone talking or texting.

If there is one thing that I do, it is NOT talk or text while walking to my car.  I also keep my keys in my hand with my thumb on the car alarm 
I never, ever walk by myself to my car after dark.
Another thing, and this is hard to do, but really it's advisable not to have ear phones in while you're walking.  I have to listen to my music, so I'm just going to take my chances.
You MUST be aware of your surroundings at ALL times.

now, to help you all find your weapon of choice, I put together a few ideas for you...

this is a Kubotan
It is recommended by all the safety experts.  It is under 10.00, you put it on your key chain and hold it in your hand.  (go for the groin area if you get attacked)  this thing will take them to their knees.

Hold it in your hand while walking.  Thumb on button.  Go for the eyes.

not sure how this works but it's a cell phone/stun gun

next up?
The taser.  This one is around 450.00.  What I like about this is that it has these probes that attack.
This will stun and shock the heck out of your attacker.  If you're lucky,  he will have a heart attack after you stun him with the taser. :)
This is cumbersome so I would think this would be better for home use. 

my weapon of choice....

this could double as a walking stick, and I'm guessing would scare off your most intimadating predator.....

and finally, if you want to protect yourself in style....

have a great day y'all!

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  1. Now that's safety with style. Crime seems to be running rampant everywhere right now….make sure you check our blog today!!