Saturday, January 23, 2010


My Family

I wanna talk about my family.
(we have been married for 28 yrs. yep) T-W-E-N-T-Y E-I-G-H-T years,,,,,that's a long time.
All these bloggers out there that I follow have names for their husbands. Ree has what is it?Marborl man or somethin, Darb's has one as well. So, Mine has to have one too. At the risk of sounding "Pollyana" I'm naming mine "Mr. Wonderful". He's not always "Mr. Wonderful" mind you. Sometimes he can be Mr. "NOT so wonderful" well, a lot of times he can be that and I'll be sure to let you know when that happens....but...Let me give you an example of "Mr. Wonderful". He drove Evey all the way from here (Greensboro) to Bham back to her mom and dad. What grandfather would do that with a 15 month old after us keeping her for a week and a half just so his daughter could work on her house and so I could paint. He is always SO there for the kids, willing to do anything and everything for them. For Christmas he did this 12 days of Christmas thing where every day for 12 days I had a surprise awaiting somewhere hidden. One day it was in the fridge! 3 days when I was at the beach working on a house that I'm doing the design work on (another blog) he made sure those gifts were hidden somewhere in my car. On the third day [of Christmas] my gift was sitting in my garage all white and sparkly with tan leather interior, one of those little swoosh signs on the front and surprise! It didn't even have a top!!!. The other gifts weren't so elaborate, like an automatic soap dispenser. But I love it just as much as my Lexus!!!! Well.........

My Kids:

Let's start with...
Eric. (he really doesn't look like this....he doesn't sport a mustache at all)
Eric is Jordan's hubby. What a catch. I mean the BEST out of the sea. He is a wonderful husband to her, a terrific father and a great dad. They say you always marry someone like your favorite parent. Well Eric and I are JUST alike :)))). I am the ONLY one who can get his humor.....And we both always get made fun of.

special, sweet, smart, a fantastic mom who has a hard time controlling Evey because she's always laughing at her. but,,,,she's always so funny!!! She's also learning to sew, one of the things she never wanted to do growing up (and I am SO proud of her!) , I guess there is no better time than now! I smile at amazement at what a wonderful person her father and I have raised.

Did ya happen to see him on the sideline of the BCS championship bowl???? you know, the one where Alabama kicked Texas'....a--, um, behind? He was the one with the brand new camera taking 3000 shots. I am SO proud of this kid I just can't even tell you. Like a lot of boys, college was not first on his mind. His daddy and I stuck with him, he took a year off and went back...even made the Dean's List! Now he works for the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. What a great job! He is just like his father and that's the best compliment I can give him

Oh, my sweet, sweet precious Callen. My baby. I was so much like her when I was her age. She has talents she doesn't even begin to know exists in that head of hers. She is beautiful, smart, talented and has a hilarious dry sense of gab. She's a junior at Samford and is majoring in history. What a fun person to be around and I am in awe of her love of life and her love of the Lord. What an unbelievable blessing she has been to her dad and me.

Evelyn Grace.....
okay, what do you say about the love of your life???? She's cute, sweet, wild, a sweet little girl with a bit of a tomboy (she WILL learn to play tennis and to throw a ball, oh, and swing a golf club). I salivate every time I get to see her, I wanna eat her up. On the 16 months she's been on earth God has blessed me every day with her presence just by knowing she is there. I love that little chicky to death......And the fact that she already likes Tory Burch....she already has my debit card....

Oh, and me....did I mention I love dogs?

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  1. Beautiful and wonderful family. Close, loving, blessing each other and the world with their goodness.